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Kshocolat is a young dynamic Scottish company currently taking the chocolate world by storm. Formed in 2001, Kshocolat's time is spent sourcing the highest quality cocoa and blending intriguing flavors to create their definitive range. The lemon and pepper, orange and cardamom, or honeycomb vanilla bars are a must! Don’t miss the strawberettes and chilli laced pecans. Be sure to check out Kshocolat’s unique Drinking Chocolate.   


Milk (40% Cocoa solids)
This Spanish-styled chocolate is unique with the slightest hint of caramel

85g $5.49

White (29% Cocoa solids)
Creamy white chocolate with a delicate hint of vanilla

85g $5.49

Dark (69% Cocoa solids)
A beautiful blend of dark chocolate with a smooth finish and sweet aroma

85g $5.49

Dark Single Estate (71% Cocoa solids)
100% Criolla bean from a single Venezuelan Cocoa plantation

85g $5.49
Vanilla & Honeycomb (40% Cocoa solids)
Crunchy honeycomb blended together with creamy milk chocolate
85g $5.49

Orange & Cardamom (69% Cocoa solids)
Subtle blend of dark chocolate, orange peels and crushed cardamom pods

85g $5.49

Lemon & Pepper (40% Cocoa solids)
A fantastic blend of white chocolate, pure lemon oil and crushed peppercorns

85g $5.49
Strawberettes Gift Tube
Miniature pieces of dried strawberries enrobed in milk chocolate
60g $5.00
Orangettes Gift Tube
Miniature pieces of orange peels enrobed in dark chocolate
60g $5.00
Orange Slices Gift Tin
Half moon slices of ripe oranges enrobed in dark chocolate
110g $13.00
Crunchy Hazelnuts in Gift Tin
Toasted hazelnuts enrobed in milk chocolate
120g $7.00
Crunchy Almonds in Gift Tin
Toasted almonds enrobed in dark chocolate
120g $7.00
Chilli Pecans in Gift Tin
Chilli laced pecans coated in luscious milk chocolate
80g $8.00
160g $13.00
Chilli Almonds in Gift Tin
Chilli laced almonds coated in rich milk chocolate
80g $8.00
160g $13.00